I and my colleague Eugene shot a firework last Sunday. We chose unsuccessful place for shooting and the firework didn’t last long so we were a little upset. Bur after our fail we decided to shoot something nice and interesting only for us, for our appeasement. We were on the bridge, cars whooshed past us… Light! We chose play whith light and didn’t miscalculate. 

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Catching ghosts/Ловля призраков

I’m sorry, I was lost in my work. At the end of September Smolensk people celebrated 1150-yaer anniversary of our city. There were lots of events and I worked double tides. But in this period my colleagues contrived a term – catching ghosts. So… It’s the result of my night and morning catching ghosts.

Я тут слегка заблудилась во времени и пространстве в этим 1150-летним юбилеем Смоленска. Но зато во время оного мои коллеги изобрели спецтермин – ловля призраков. Вот собственно, плоды моей ловли на живца.

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