Girl and pigeons

Some pics about one girl who fed pigeons.

Гвардейск 9 чб.jpg

Гвардейск 10 чб.jpg

Гвардейск 11 чб л.jpg

Гвардейск 15 чб.jpg



Have you ever noticed celebrities emotions? My camera has noticed all emotions. Sometimes it was funny, sometimes it was sad or may be it annoyed you but all celebrities show their characters through emotions.

They want to be kind and democrats who respect your rights and your freedom in choosing but… Their emotions let out secrets and you see absolutely another person. Not kind, not democrat, not nice, not polite. You can see selfish, double-faced or mistaken, pitiable person.

Can you guess characters through emotions? Would you like to guess? OK. There’s famous Russian poet. You can try to guess his character 😉

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