Kaliningrad zoo. Bears

At first I visited Kaliningrad zoo after moving. I used to be indifferent to the bears but after walk around zoo I’ve loved these animals. Now they’re my favorites. I’m their fan. So… There are some portraits of different kind of bears.

American black bear

медведи 1 л.jpg

медведи 2 л.jpg

медведи 4 л.jpg

Asian black bear

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Three fishes live in this aquarium. One of them is a serene silurus who looks like a shark. The other two fishes have restless temper. They often fought but after having a dust-up they made friends with each other. Now their common enemy is the serene silurus who looks like a shark…

рыбы 1 л.jpg

рыбы 3 л.jpg

рыбы 5 л.jpg

рыбы 6 л.jpg

рыбы 7 л.jpg

Spring gulls

In some regions of Russia a spring comes with rooks or swallows. In Smolesk I’ve learned to meet a spring with… river gulls. They are very loud birds but a bit funny. River gulls occupy the whole pond in the park. Sometimes I make photohunting on gulls. It’s difficult for me to take a pic of birds in flight but I try. I havn’t got enough money for going on a safari so photohunting on gulls is my mini safari…

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