New autumn macro

All pictures were made in September. It’s really autumn macro )) I used macro ring 13 mm and lens 85 mm.

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Fireworks festival ‘Smolensk starfall’/ Фестиваль фейерверков “Смоленский звездопад”

It was Saturday. It was fierworks fest. There were fier flowers. A lot of fier flowers.

It was beautiful and amazing. Smolensk people see that amazing  fierworks very seldom unfortunately…

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Ode for white stripe/ Одна белой полосе

I was in Kaliningrad region this summer. There are many beautiful landscapes. This one I found near Znamensk. Road with trees inspired me so I devoted them photo-ode )) And bonus – sunset with destroyed German church.

Лето, то есть отпуск, я провела в Калининградской области. Там масса чудесных пейзажей, красивых пейзажей, над сказать. Эту дорогу с деревами я нашла около Знаменска. И так ею вдохновилась, что посвятила ей целую фото-оду.

Бонусом – закатное и разрушенная немецкая Орденская церковь.

Curonian spit/Куршская коса

Curonian spit is located in Russia and in Lithuania. It’s very beautiful place but… very noisy. There is a roadway along all spit and a lot of cars go to Russia-Lithuania border and back and there is no footway. We decided to walk from Dancing forest to Epha’s Dune (about 4 km) but it was bad decision. Cars almost flew as planes! It was very hard to go on the side of the road.

If you plan to walk along dunes you will be disappointed. Curonian spit is a naitional park so you can’t walk on this dune. There are some dunes where you can but it’s not big Epha’s Dune. Also you can visit beaches of Curonian spit and swim if the weather good for it.

Despite this prohibitions I was happy because Curonian spit is amazing place with clean Baltic Sea and white sand!

There are some macro and picturesque sceneries for you )

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